Saturday, April 07, 2012

Two weeks and counting...

Until Danielle Smith and the Wild Rose bring conservative government back to Alberta. For electoral purposes, Alberta can be divided into three regions, Edmonton, Calgary and rural Alberta. Win two of three and you win a majority government. Capture all three and you get a landslide. If you want to know the state of the Alberta election with two weeks and two days to go, consider that the Wildrose party is far ahead of the Tories in Calgary and the rural regions and in a virtual tie with the government in Edmonton, according to an Abacus Data poll conducted for the Sun News Network among 876 Alberta voters between April 2 and 4. During much of the Tories' 41-year reign in the province, Calgary and the rural regions have been their power base. There have been elections — such as the National Energy Program election in 1982 and the 2001 election when the distrusted Chretien Liberals ruled in Ottawa — in which the Tories grabbed all three of Alberta's electoral regions. On those occasions they also grabbed all but a handful of the seats in the legislature. But since the Tories came to power in 1971, there has never been an election in which they were able to hold on to power using Edmonton as their anchor.

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Anonymous said...

The Wildrose surge, in my opinion, is the PC's obvious disconnect with the voters. The powerline issue, property rights, total disaster on the healthcare front along with a healthy dose of corruption via the shakedown money from the municipalities is a perfect recipe.

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