Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Time for students to return to class

Many Quebec students are in danger of losing their semester or even their year , if they keep up this wrongheaded strike. Are these kids really interested in being educated? Doesn't look like it. The serious kids have returned to school and in some cases went to court to go back to school. Students and all Quebeckers need to realize Quebec is massively in debt inspite of huge infusions of Alberta cash. Theese policies cannot continue. Charest will need to do a lot more in order to avoid a credit downgrade. MONTREAL - It’s a crucial week in what is now historically the longest student strike in Quebec’s history, but there is no resolution in sight to the dispute over tuition fees or to the social unrest it has sparked. Exams and final papers are just around the corner for Quebec’s university and CÉGEP students, but students and government officials are still at an impasse - and despite student leaders saying it was important the two sides meet this week, a government spokesperson said on Monday there were no talks planned. “Both sides have their mutual positions and we are firm on the increase,” said Hélène Sauvageau, a press aide to Education Minister Line Beauchamp. “There is nothing to discuss.” There are about 185,000 students on strike now - almost half the university and college population of 400,000. About 90,000 of them have agreed to an unlimited strike that won’t end until the government rescinds its plan for a $1,625 tuition increase over five years. But schools and students are grappling with a heavily compromised semester and this is the week that will test the students’ mettle. The government has repeatedly said it would not enter into negotiations with students until they accept a tuition increase. But students insist one place they could start is by discussing the financing of universities and, in particular, the lack of accountability that has led to some financial disasters such as the Université du Québec à Montréal’s $510-million Îlot Voyageur campus.

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Mark said...

They can still give out F's in Quebec right? Seems to me if the students don't do the assignments or attend classes they deserve a failing grade in all classes they are registered in. Enough F's and they flunk out of school. Problem solved as now their tuition will be $0.

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