Monday, April 16, 2012

This time pat martin really really really says sorry

Apparently the last few times pat wasn't really serious. I am sure the dipper lawyers have told them they were iable to lose a lot of money. It would have been nice to see pat sued into the ground. I am sure he stick both his feet in hos mouth again soon. I have no doubt, pat will be sued again. OTTAWA — Outspoken New Democrat MP Pat Martin gave on Monday an unequivocal apology to RackNine Inc. and its CEO Matt Meier, thereby avoiding a $5-million defamation lawsuit. “I wrongfully accused them of being part of conspiracy to commit electoral fraud,” Martin told reporters. “I now know that the statements I made insinuating Mr. Meier and RackNine’s participation in an electoral fraud conspiracy were wholly and unequivocally false.” Martin made the statements on Feb 23, amidst a political firestorm raging over fraudulent automated robocalls made during the 2011 general election. A political operative using the pseudonym “Pierre Poutine” placed robocalls through RackNine’s automated calling service, drawing national attention to the firm, which was never itself under investigated.

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