Sunday, April 29, 2012

Strategic voting killing the grits?

Brian Topp on strategic voting. The Tories and the dippers have the same goal the disappearance of the grits. Topp feels the grits are helping. For many years, Liberals have been eager advocates of “strategic voting” – the idea that it makes sense to vote for a party you don't support in order to avoid the election of a party your don't support even more. A pitch to this effect has been part of the closing argument of every federal Liberal campaign since at least 1993. Arguably, it was all that Michael Ignatieff had to say (that anyone heard) during the 2011 election. In as many words, his pitch was that only the Liberals can stop the Tories; you don't want the Tories; so you must vote Liberal. There was a red door and a blue door, and those were your only choices. In my view, in the long term, the political drug that is “strategic voting” has had almost as much to do with the destruction of the federal Liberal brand as the Paul Martin’s 1995 budget and the sponsorship scandal.


Anonymous said...

And maybe not a great idea on the part of the Conservatives to help bring down the Liberal Party. Now we have as an alternative government the N.D.P., as in Quebec the only viable and inevitable alternative is the Parti Quebecois.

As my mother used to say, "Too smart by half".

Jen said...

And the media allowed the NDP to pass through their fingers. The Ndp's own policies are dangerous.

Don't let all that so call love affair for the poor or the homeless or anyone for that matter fool you since they have proven it time and time again by not voting for bills and budgets that were for the poor and homeless.
They also have said flat out that they are going to 'shut down' the oilsands the economical engine to this country.
Libs and the media are wrapped around the ndp little finger.

Watch how the media walk on eggshells around them the ndp.

Dollops said...

There are only two political camps, conservative and activist. The more turmoil there is in the activist camp the better it is for conservatives. Now that Albertans have seen the proof that the PCs are in the activist camp there is no way short of Redford governing to the right of Genghis Khan that Wildrose won't win big next time. We conservatives should hope that the Liberal Party will remain in contention because they vie for the same votes as the NDP and Greens (and PC opportunists) leaving the smaller government niche to conservatives - assuming they will step up.

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