Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I spoke to Tom Flanagan at the MNC 2012 and I said that I thought the Wild Rose would need a two election strategy for victory. Tom said maybe. I must say I started believing the pollsters and my own wishful thinking. I am disappointed that My friend Danielle is not premier of Alberta, but she and the Wild Rose will be a strong Opposition. Oppositions do matter. The Wild Rose will be pushing the pc's back to the right. They will demand more fiscal restraint and more conservative policies. It should be an interesting 4 years. Congratulations to Premier Alison Redford, Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition Danielle Smith and all the winning candidates.

For the first time in 91 years, the liberals have won an election in Alberta. Yeah, sure, the name of the party that won a majority of seats last night is actually called the Progressive Conservative Party. But make no mistake, Alison Redford won last night’s election in much the same way she won the leadership of the PC party. She appealed to both big and small-L liberals to back her. Her strategy worked, obviously. Big public sector unions, like the members of the Alberta Federation of Labour, took out ads and robocalled much of the province urging all “progressive Albertans” to keep the Wildrose Party out by voting strategically for the PCs. During the last provincial election, the AFL urged its members to vote NDP. My, how things change.


Anonymous said...

What we have learned from this result is the outright rejection of extreme right wing policies in Alberta. Canada is still and will remain a country of centrists. Harper should not forget this for a second.

Kunoichi said...

What we're seeing is the result of all those people voting to make sure the "scary" WR didn't get elected. The PC victory is on a very shaky foundation.

I am so disappointed, not only that Redford won, but because I saw so many people parking their brains at the door and swallowing the "racist", "homophobe" and "bigot" pap they were being fed. The most hateful comments I saw were from those who said they were voting *against* WR, rather then for a party they believed in.

This is a major blow against parents in particular, but I hope the WR opposition will continue to defend and protect our parental rights.

It's going to be a difficult 4 years, I suspect.

Anonymous said...

Redford bought the teachers union to the tune of $100,000 to get the leadership. She has promised the right to work to non-union workers and also assured big labor that it won't happen. I live in Edmonton and heard the union boss admit this on Rutherford's talk radio show just days before the election.
She has a back room deal habit and doesn't hesitate to buy votes with taxpayer money.(see Ezra on Sun News) Klien left this province debt free. She can't rack up the debt fast enough.
Redford is no more qualified to lead this province than Daniel Smith. Smith can drive just fine. Redford is a train wreck.
The homophobe/bigot charge is BS.
It's the same tactic as slandering Preston Manning and the Reform Party as Nazi's.
I can't believe other severely normal Albertans fell for it.
I have voted PC every election until the Wildrose formed a party.
Wildrose IS the conservative party.
The PC's are all P and no C. Since Klien retired the party has been taken over by the lefties and, with media help, they are a viscious bunch of lieing, pilfering bastards.
Her new rookie mp's are rookies

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