Friday, April 06, 2012

Self Defence, castle

The owner of this restaurant is from Kerala like me. I have eaten at the Toronto branch of his restaurant Maroli a number of times. It is one of the very fem South Indian Restaurants in Toronto and for meit is like going to Mom's for dinner. The cooking of Southern Indian Christians has a lot of meat dishes. They also deliver, so if you live in Toronto and want to help this guy order some food or go to his restaurant I fully support the right of this man to defend himself, his family and his property. He defended himself with garam masala. Maybe the lefties need a gram masala registry. I am glad that the PMO has been in touch with him. The prime minister’s office, along with merchants and neighbours, offered support to a Toronto restaurant owner who scuffled with a suspected robber then wound up facing assault charges himself. CBC News broke the story on Wednesday of Naveen Polapady, owner of Maroli, an Indian restaurant at 630 Bloor St. W., near Euclid Ave. Last August Polapady scuffled with a man he said had repeatedly tried to break into the building that is both his business and residence. A security image captured Polapady, armed with a short length of broom handle, struggling with the man. Police later caught and questioned the man but charged Polapady with assault causing bodily harm and assault with a weapon. He was also charged with administering a noxious substance, because Polapady threw some restaurant spices at the man.


Pissedoff said...

Yep the TO cops under Blair strike again, But why doesn't the PM change the rules and stop being a hypocrite?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to liberal Canada!

john said...

Cops & judges hate it when citcizens act for themselves. How can the cops be big, tough heroes when people are self sufficent?

Also, puffed up dictatorial judges hate it when citizens defend themselves because the filthy, uneducated masses are supposed to grovel & beg their betters for protection don't you know?

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