Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rex on the Quebec Student "strike"

Rex is exactly right. Whatever justification the foolishly called student “strike” in Montreal may have had — and I’m inclined to believe it was precious little — it now has none, absolutely none. Serious protests, involving grave issues, with real risks and real moral purpose, are going on all over the world. They match life-and-death risk with the value of what is at stake: the human rights of citizens suffering under dictatorial governments. We can only hope that the eyes of the demonstrators in Syria don’t get the news of the tantrum going on in democratic Quebec. It began on so picayune a point — a tuition hike of $325 a year. That’s about the cost of one bottle of needless water a day, or half the price of the cheapest cup of coffee. Is this the kind of cause North American students take to the street for? “Oh, our university fees, already the lowest probably in the Western world, are going to go up a loonie a day. A loonie a day!: To the Barricades Everyone. And bring me a latte.”


JohnR said...

Such offensively selfish actions from what would appear to be very small minded young people, poised for their lifetime of expected handouts. Sad indeed.

Anonymous said...

If the PQ was in power, you would side with the students. Is there anything us Quebecers ever do right. Hand outs, seperatist, poutine, welfare, frogs and language police, is that all u know of Québec?

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