Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Pseudo chretien is surprised that Tories don't want to celebrate the charter of rights and no responsibilities. apparently Canadians had no rights until the librano stave us the charter. Now we are ruled by unelected judges who interpret the charter on their own whimsies. What a nightmare, a badly written charter and liberal judges. The grits are trying to use the charter's anniversary to raise their profile. It's not working. It will be the 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta in 2015. That we should celebrate, not the trudeaupian nightmare that is the charter.?


robins111 said...

I saw that article also Roy, and was a little bemused that Jean came crawling out to spout off. Essentially he's bemoaning the fact that we aren't celebrating the creation of a document which has about as much value as a shirt pocket in the center of your back. Another think I've noticed recently is that the libs tend to put articles in media sites that don't allow comments... wonder why..

Brian said...

Ah yes the Charter ... a Trudeau elitist creation which completely omits Property Rights or the right of self defense ... and we should be happy with this????

Jen said...

Was Fidel Castro in mind when Charter was written. I think so.

Charter of Rights are usued mostly by criminals than most victims could.


oxygentax said...

The 30th anniversary of something isn't actually very significant. Perhaps Mr. Chretien can get back to us in 80 years when the true value of the Charter can be judged against history.

By the way, Universal Health Care and the Codification of the Charter are only top 3 significant moments if one ignores the 285 years of history prior to Universal health care. That it is otherwise is an indictment of the school system in Canada.

Pissedoff said...

The charter of wrongs and stupidity care of the liberals supported by the Stupid Court of Canada an Mclachlin Harper should get rid of her.

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