Saturday, April 28, 2012

Peter Blaikie on Anglophones in Quebec

A rather depressing, but realistic piece about Anglos in Quebec. He is right that voting liberal is a bad idea. The ADQ was a possibility, but the CAQ has the same attitude towards Anglos as the pq. Opinion: A reality check on the language front BY PETER BLAIKIE, SPECIAL TO THE GAZETTE APRIL 27, 2012 Recently The Gazette has published a myriad of columns and readers’ letters reflecting the state of English and the anglophone community in Quebec. Generally these pieces have expressed anger, irritation, shock, anguish and existential angst. They are intelligent, deeply felt, well-written, understandable and frequently justified. Sadly, they appear almost blind to the world view of Quebec’s francophone population.“Maîtres chez nous.” French Canadians “can and must one day aspire to being a nation.” “As a distinct and separate nationality, we form a state within a state.” “ … we affirm our existence as a separate nationality.” It does not require much imagination to hear these words, in the language of Molière, flowing from the lips of Jean Lesage, René Lévesque, Jacques Parizeau, Lucien Bouchard, Pauline Marois, Robert Bourassa or Jean Charest. In fact, all were printed in Quebec’s French-language newspapers in 1867. I am grateful to Richard Gwyn, in whose marvellous biography of Sir John A. Macdonald they are reproduced. Plus ça change …

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Anonymous said...

There was another anglo rights party that tried to get off the ground after the Equality Party, but it got little coverage in the Gazette. I remember going to a meeting at a hotel on Decarie and we were harassed by les Jeunes Patriotes. The party never got enough money or support and died away.

Unfortunately those who cared about their rights left Quebec and those who stayed were mostly sheep.

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