Saturday, April 07, 2012

Pakistan is an enemy state?

That is the opinion of my friend Salim Mansur and I tend to agree. Pakistan practically an enemy state Salim Mansur – Sun Media Last week I wrote Pakistan is the centre of the global-jihad complex and, in effect, is practically an enemy state at war with the West and its democratic allies, India and Israel. For reasons of diplomacy western officials are loathe to characterize Pakistan as an adversary. The big question, and no one in the western capitals has yet an answer for it, is how to deal with a rogue state possessing nuclear weapons that colludes with jihadis and provides sanctuary to those who have openly declared war against the West? This question is also being asked inside Pakistan by those who are sane enough to recognize how perilous the fate of their country has become due to the reckless, if not criminal, conduct of their political-military elite. Pakistan’s leading English-language newspaper, Dawn, in one of its recent editorials, warned: “If the discovery of Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad wasn’t embarrassing enough, there is now even more reason for Pakistan to take a long, hard look at its record against terrorism.” This record is dismal, and many intrepid Pakistani journalists have paid with their lives — as did Syed Saleem Shahzad of Asia Times who was kidnapped, tortured and killed last May — in reporting this sordid reality.


Anonymous said...

I tend to disagree that Pakistan I an alleged enemy state. I base this disagreement on the fact that Canada, the U.S. England and many other democratic free nations open their doors to massive immigration to refugees and people from Pakistan every year. IN Canada alone we accept tens of thousands or more every year from Pakistan. Think about it for a second: do you really believe that our caring, concerned, compassionate Canadian government would ever allow massive immigration of people from an enemy country that endorses and sponsors terrorism? Do you people actually believe that PM Harper would ever allow a thing like that to happen?

David said...

One screwed up country. The West doesn't want to put too much pressure on them because the Taliban may be closer to taking over than people think.

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