Sunday, April 01, 2012

pakistan a center for jihad

Prof Mansur discusses the elephant in the room, Pakistan. It turns out the jihadi murderer was trained in pakistan. Inspite of this the US gives billions to the failed state. We must hold pakistan accountable. As the post-mortem of the French-born 23-year-old jihadist of Algerian origin, Mohamed Merah, unfolds in the media alongside the official investigation into his bloody deeds in Toulouse and Montauban, a critical question of strategic importance remains unasked. French authorities knew Merah travelled twice to Pakistan and Afghanistan, spent time in the jihadi-infested tribal region of Waziristan, and there received further indoctrination and training in the use of firearms. Since his return from Pakistan, Merah was under police surveillance, as was his older brother Abdelkader, known for his role in the recruiting of young men for jihad. Moreover, as some investigative reporting has indicated, the Merah family was deep in the business of jihad with his mother married to the father of Sabri Essid, a known jihadi from the Toulouse area captured in Syria in 2006. It should be obvious that travelling to Pakistan from Europe, or anywhere else, by a non-Pakistani requires arranging for a Pakistani visa. It is also obvious that young men like Merah required visas to head out for Pakistan, and for them to readily acquire visas means there is in place arrangements within some of the Pakistani consular offices abroad to assist foreign jihadis in their mission.

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Can anyone explain to me why Canada has a so called Conservative government who gives tens of millions of aid dollars to Pakistan a country who is a known supporter of terrorism? Lets not forget the immigration of Pakistani people to Canada by the tens of thousands very year! I’m just saying! Do ant so called Conservative Canadians given an actual shit about Canada or our safety? Oh I forgot: we’re a bunch of fun loving covert liberals who want to embrace the trudeau era multi cultural/religious society! Well at least out current liberal government is!
BTW all the nineteen 9/11 hijacker were in the U.S. legally you know! Oh and there are over 30 million illegal aliens in the U.S. right now! But here in utopia liberal Canada we get to see our tax dollars fund Margie Gillis and her liberal dance company!

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