Friday, April 13, 2012

Moving to the right?

Chantal Hebert has an interesting article on the consequences of A Wild Rose Victory in Alberta. The Wild Rise endorsed the federal Tories. I appreciate all forces that move the federal Tories more towards the right. So I don't agree this is bad news fir HM PM Harper. It just means more provincial allies. Hopefully it will mean more Conservative policies federally and provincially. I do agree that the Red Tories will not be in ascendancy any time soon. For 10 years, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has dominated the right-hand section of the political arena. Over that period, challenges to his moral authority have been few and far between. That could change if the Wildrose Alliance party succeeds in toppling Alberta’s long-standing Tory dynasty in the April 23 election. Having taken over the command centre of federal politics, Harper is a top conservative star in his own right. But over the past decade his beacon has also shined brighter because he happened to come to the fore at the very time when the stars of Alberta’s Ralph Klein and Ontario’s Mike Harris — two premiers who used to be the provincial bright lights of the political right — were fading. If she seizes the Alberta throne from the Tories, Wildrose Alliance leader Danielle Smith will be a force within the conservative movement that Harper will have to reckon with. The territory she has staked out — to the right of her province’s ruling Progressive Conservatives — is the natural habitat of a sizeable section of Harper’s party base. A Wildrose Alliance victory on those terms would come at a particularly sensitive time for the federal Conservatives; a moment when their longtime supporters are questioning whether the conquest of federal power has turned out to be a zero-sum game on the policy front.


hunter said...

No eastern reporter can understand Alberta, and they only make themselves look stupid when they try.

Alberta is going back to the BLUE Conservatives, or in other words, the Reformers who helped get PM Harper elected. Alberta will still be a strong supporter of the Federal Conservatives.

Roy Eappen said...

Exactly right Hunter!

Anonymous said...

But the concern here is that the conservative coalition that got Harper elected will fracture.

For example, in Tory circles, there was disappointment that the federal budget didn't cut enough. The CPC is holding steady in support right now, and hopefully for a long time.

But like all governments, one day they will stumble and falter. My concern is that when the CPC starts tripping up in public support (hopefully FAR down the road), a new Wildrose-esque federal option will pop up. And throw us into decades of wilderness again, while the NDP governs... *shudder*

Dollops said...

Albertans are conservative because their governments haven't managed to destroy the work ethic as other governments have. Personal success tends to make one conservative while failure and despair motivates the "entitled". It is hard to imagine how conservative policies can turn the Central and Atlantic Canadians into proud free enterprisers in the short time before they get the chance to vote "freebie" and turn the Conservatives out.

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