Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mark Steyn on bullying

I happen to be gay. I was bullied in school for being smart, small and nerdy. The bullies in those days if caught were punished and for me that ended the bullying. I also had a lot of nerdy friends and that inhibited the bullies as well.. One of those who bullied me apologized for it when we met 30 years later. The way to stop bullying is to deal with the bullies. They should be punished. Their parents need to be told their child is not an angel. Parents should teach their children that they should not stand by while others are bullied. This legislation is useless. It will continue to let bullies get away with the bullying while the politicians think they have done something. Mark Steyn is right. “Accepting?” One would regard the very name of this bill as an exquisite parody of the way statist strong-arming masquerades as limp-wristed passivity were it not for the fact that the province’s Catholic schools, reluctant to accept government-mandated GSAs, are proposing instead that they should be called “Respecting Differences” groups. Good grief, this is the best a bigoted theocrat can come up with? Bullying is as old as the schoolhouse. Dr Thomas Arnold, one of the great reforming headmasters of 19th century England, is captured in the most famous novel ever written about bullying, Tom Brown’s Schooldays in what, by all accounts, is an accurate summation of his approach to the matter: “‘You see, I do not know anything of the case officially, and if I take any notice of it at all, I must publicly expel the boy. I don’t wish to do that, for I think there is some good in him. There’s nothing for it but a good sound thrashing.’ He paused to shake hands with the master … ‘Remember,’ added the Doctor, emphasizing the words, ‘a good sound thrashing before the whole house.’ ” These days, a Thrashing Schools Act mandating Thrashing Out Differences groups across the province would be the biggest windfall for Chief Commissar Barbara Hall and her Ontario “Human Rights” Commission since the transsexual labiaplasty case went belly up. Teachers are not permitted, in any meaningful sense, to deal with the problem of bullying. And, when you can’t deal with a problem, the easiest option is to institutionalize it.


dmorris said...

The problem of bullying will never go away as long as there is no painful consequence for bullying.

Kids are bullied for a variety of reasons, not just for their sexual orientation. I saw kids bullied for being smart, stupid, big,small, nerdy,pretty, handsome,or for wearing clothes that weren't trendy.

The only kids I never saw being bullied were the athletes,and that's because the bullies knew they might get the hell beat out of them if they tried.

Teachers brought about this situation themselves,although with their convenient memories,few will admit it. Back in the 70's,I remember teachers and their Unions lobbying against corporal punishment as "uncivilized" and "barbaric".

They got their way,and now are reaping what they sowed.

When I was in school, 1950's and 1960's, bullying was brought to a quick halt by "the strap",usually six per hand. It brought the message across clearly that bullying wouldn't be tolerated.

We were made to live by the rule; " do onto others as you would have them do unto you".

I know that's taken from a popular religious book,and that religion is now considered at the root of all societal problems,(BS) but it worked for us.

There was almost no bullying in schools in the rough Northern town I was born and raised in,and it was due to corporal punishment,period.

Youth knew that whatever they did outside the rules would be punished,with said punishment getting more harsh with repeat offences. At the end, we all knew,lay Reform School, which was prison for kids,and no one wanted to go there.

Today, we are far more "civilized",and I have never seen such vicious children as the little monsters that populate the schools. There is a subculture of kids who live in deliberate defiance of the "feel-good" rules developed in our schools,and those kids make life absolute hell for anyone they can victimize.

Unfortunately, our teachers and education system are totally oblivious to that fact.

Just ask the kids,if they'll trust you enough to open up to you, and you'll find out some ugly truths about our schools very quickly.

Anonymous said...

It was in 1977 that this account occurred.

This kid I went to school with from Grade 1 to 8 was bigger than the rest of us. As we moved along to grade 6,7,8 this kid got involved with some other kid who was a bad seed. So the big kid decided he and his sidekick would pick on, terrorize other kids.

This one particular day he and his sidekick thought it would be cool to grab a child, carry them to the soccer goal post, and while one held the poor souls hands, the big kid would grab the victims legs and threaten to pull the kid until his testicles were crushed against the post.

Well the teacher on duty saw this and put a stop to it and sent the bullies to the office. As you can already imagine it was not their first time going to the office. More like their tenth or twentieth time.

The Vice Principal at the time decided enough was enough with these two.

Well the Vice Principal came back to our grade 7 class with the two bullies. Pulled all 32 students out
of class and sent us outside to the school yard where the soccer posts were.

Then he went to the grade 8 class and grabbed the five biggest kids and brought them outside.

The VP got right up into the bullies face and asked them how tough they were. Of course to not lose face they had some choice words for the VP. Big mistake.

The VP smiled and then nodded his head to the 5 grade 8 boys who proceed to grab the big kid.

He struggled but once they seized hold of him, they held him horizontally by the hands and legs with the soccer post right between his legs.

The VP got right into bully's face, asked how tough he was now and why oh why was he now crying.

Mister VP then had the big kids put him down and grab the smaller bully to do the same thing.

Same result, with the little bully struggling and then crying.

They were released and we all went back to class.

Guess what?

The two bullies never bothered anyone else for the remainder of grade 7 and 8. They never disturbed another teachers class and just kept to themselves.

Was it the right thing for the VP to do. In my opinion, yes it was.

You be the judge.

Can't see that happening today!

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