Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lord Black Should come home to Canada

Lord Black will be released from his unjust jail term this week. I hope he come home to Canada soon. That is what I told Lady Black last week. pseudo chretien's actions in this matter were despicable. OTTAWA — Deposed media mogul Conrad Black was expected to be freed this week after serving little over half his 13-month sentence in a Miami prison for fraud and obstruction of justice. “Mr. Black is scheduled to be released on May 5, but since its Saturday typically on cases like this he will probably be released the day before, on Friday,” a spokesman of Federal Bureau of Prisons, Chris Burke, told AFP. Black, 67, has spent recent years defending himself in US courts and busying himself launching libel lawsuits in Canada.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to see him return to Canada as well. Funny thing is that the people that would like to prevent Mr. Blacks return are the same people that the will welcome Omar Kadar.

maryT said...

I agree with anon, Black yes, khdar NO

harebell said...

Khadr is a Canadian citizen.
Black threw away his citizenship when another country offered him a shiny trinket.
Khadr's done a lot of bad things, but at least he didn't treat his Canadian citizenship as worthless.

hunter said...

And harebell gives the perfect example of a true lefty.

Black was forced by the PM of Canada Chretien, to give up his citizenship, the same PM who used every diplomatic tool he could to get Khadr's terrorist family into Canada.

And to harebell's distorted thinking, Black bad, Khadr good. Sickening.

Anonymous said...

Both “lord” Khadr and “lord” black will be welcome to Canadian with open arms in typical liberal, lefty fashion and no one including the government or police will do a damn thing about it.

We as caring, compassionate, loving, liberal Canadians will just watch as the current liberal government pays off Khadr millions of dollars for violating his civil rights. I mean we already sit here and watch the current liberal bleeding heart government pay the Khadrs who are already living in Canada by supplying them with all the benefits of our Canadian liberal social safety net. This despite the fact that they are known terrorists who hate Canada!

As far as “lord” black is concerned we should bail out his company that he lost billions on during the recession and compensate him for the troubles he endured while being a criminal. This of course to keep with our typical Canadian liberal traditions.

I know I’m just as bad a liberal cause I voted liberal…or at lest for a closet liberal named Harper. I think as liberal Canadians we deserve these two people just like we deserve the hundreds of thousands of immigrants and refugees from countries that support, endorse or sponsor terrorism that our current liberal government allows into this country at a cost of 26 billion a year.

Thank you Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau for making this country a great land of liberal opportunity at the expense of people and their ancestors who built this nation.

Anonymous said...

harebell -- don't you mean hairbrained?: "Black threw away his citizenship when another country offered him a shiny trinket."

"Another country" just happens to be England, to which Canada and Canadians have had important and historic connections for centuries. Mean-spirited Jean Chretien forced a decision for Lord Black: Canada or England? What a moron.

Look at the countries Khadr has connections to: Muslim theocracies who have in mind our takeover.

Lord Black has been a contributing citizen of Canada, whereas Khadr is simply a Canadian of convenience, who has contributed nothing to Canada or Canadians. If/when he returns, I suspect he'll sue the Canadian government and we'll be handing over million$ for having treated him unjustly -- even though he killed an American medic and has been charged and incarcerated by the U.S.

Don't even mention that he was a "child" soldier: He was 15 going on 30 and knew exactly what he was doing.

Sign a petition to keep Khadr out of Canada:


Anonymous said...

I agree with what you say anonymous but the real issue at hand is the fact that our current liberal government basically only allows immigration and refuges from countries that openly support, sponsor and endorse terrorism, just like Khadr and his family. We allow tens of thousands of them in this country ever year at an enormous expense to tax payers. England is the political mother of Canada and that is clearly reflected in our legal, political and cultural ideologies.

Yes Canada needs immigrant to fill some kind of void for labour or whatever but why does our liberal government select people from these Islamic countries that hate us? I personally think we should have a focus on bringing Christian immigrants from England as opposed to Muslims such as the Khadr from the middle east.

I mean how often do you hear of an immigrant from the UK using our own laws against us (the Charter of Rights) to change the our laws, traditions or customs because their felling or hurt or they’re offended or some BS reason? If it aint a Muslim committing an act of terror it’s a Muslim or Black filing a human rights complaint using the Charter as a precedent to claim discrimination.

Anonymous said...

Chretain bullied Lord Black with the either or choice.
Just a tad hypocritical that Mr Dion's dual citzenship and Mr Muclairs get no mention whatsoever.
cheers Bubba

I Support Lord Black