Friday, April 13, 2012


Striking students need money for lattes and iTunes while they don't study. They are asking for millions in student loans, because striking is hard work. The sense of entitlement is breath taking. Perhaps these union wannabes should speak to union leaders and learn to save their money for their own strike fund. They should not receive one dime more until they are back in class. Many seem to be intent on losing their semester. So for the minor tuition increases these students have wasted thousands of dollars.


Candace said...

Their sense of entitlement is breathtaking!

robins111 said...

I wonder how an employer would take that, we spent so much time protesting we couldn't do our jobs... wheres my paycheck..

Anonymous said...

As I understand it the tuition in Quebec is the lowest in the country.
To the students take this as a "teachable moment".
Go on strike forever we, the taxpayer don't care about you and your entitled whining.
Part of being a grownup is accepting the consequences of your actions and decisions.
You are welcome.
You can always go to Cuba.
cheers Bubba

Anonymous said...

And these are some of the people who will be expected to carry this country through the next generation. They have become so accustomed to everything being handed to them that they have no concept of working for what you want.

Anonymous said...

Only in the nation within a nation of Quebec. If the rest of Canada could fins a way to sell Quebec or even give it away just to get rid of it, like an old car that’s costing you money to keep on the road.

Anonymous said...

My son goes to a French CEGEP while we moved to Ontario. We will have to pay an extra month's residence because of this student boycott. Also we had counted on his housesitting our house when we originally booked our vacation away at the end of May. There are also foreign students at CEGEPs and universities who are even more inconvenienced (out-of-province and foreign parents pay more). Many students like my son are also expected to start summer jobs at the end of May which are now in peril.

Spineless politicians. All this started with the Occupy Wall Street protest which set the most recent precedent in Quebec for this spinelessness from our leaders.

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