Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hebert on the drowning grits

Both the Tories and the dippers want to kill off the grits. Mulcair is well on his way to help finish the work of the Tory war room. Problem for the dippers is that they will have to hold their noses and allow a blairite transformation of their party. This is all lots of fun to watch. It is especially fun to watch the blathering Rae drowning in the polls.

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Anonymous said...

This is perhaps the tipping point.

Libs often argue that a vote for the NDP is a vote for Harper. They have cited that since the NDP can never govern, their votes are better placed with the Libs. This is no longer the case if you buy the logic.

The Libs are clearly the third wheel and they have little chance for growth in the West and in Quebec. Being competitive in Ontario may give them a few seats but the split in the end game only helps Conservatives.

Bottom line is this. Fighting to save the party helps Harper. The Libs. will squander resources,time and money trying to fix what is broken beyond repair.

The corruption and arrogance that Lib supporters tolerated for so long has finally caught up with them to a point it can no longer be denied except perhaps by the elitists of the party.

I suspect that any of the wafer chasers that bother to read this will vehemently defend the party they love. To that I say; great. This action only helps the thing they hate most.

It is time to concede defeat. They won't. Too many of them have earned a lot of money in this racket;Schmoozing, lobbying, stoking their egos etc.

It will be fun to watch.

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