Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Guess gillard didn't pay attention to stephane dion

 The carbon tax in OZ will be an utter disaster for the labour party, as it was for stephane dion. Labour was all but wiped out in regional elections in Queensland. Hopefully the same fate awaits gillard in 2013.

On Sunday’s show I said Julia Gillard was making a terrible mistake by telling Queenslanders she hadn’t heard them the first time about her hated carbon tax. Now former Queensland Premier Peter Beattie - positioning himself nicely as a potential draftee for the national leadership - agrees: PETER BEATTIE: Look, I think she’s introducing a number of very difficult measures such as the mining tax and the carbon tax. But I don’t think it’s being communicated very well. I mean I don’t think at the moment the federal government could sell oil to the Arabs and that’s a clear problem.... I think one of the other difficulties is frankly if you do get some things wrong and we can talk about the actual price of carbon which I think is too high, then frankly you’ve got to admit that $23 is too much and find a more equitable price. Now that’s hard to do in politics, but frankly, Australians respect you if you actually say, look, I do need to make an adjustment, I’ve listened to you. You’re right, I’m wrong, this is what we’re going to do.

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