Monday, April 23, 2012

The grits want to get back into power

The grits were in government for most of the last century and did nothing to change the voting system, even when they had majorities in both the upper and lower houses. Now that they are there third party they are talking about pseudo proportional representation. I have no wish to see Canada have the problems of Italy. Our system has served us well. I oppose dion's idea. This is just loser talk by the grits. Our voting system weakens Canada’s cohesion. It artificially amplifies the regional concentration of political party support at the federal level. With 50% of the vote in a given province, a federal party could end up taking almost all the seats. But with 20% of the vote, it may end up not winning any seats at all. This is how Ontario appeared more Liberal than it really was, Alberta more Reform-Conservative, Quebec more Bloc, etc. I do not see why we should maintain a voting system that makes our major parties appear less national and our regions more politically opposed than they really are. I no longer want a voting system that gives the impression that certain parties have given up on Quebec, or on the West. On the contrary, the whole spectrum of parties, from Greens to Conservatives, must embrace all the regions of Canada. In each region, they must covet and be able to obtain seats proportionate to their actual support. This is the main reason why I recommend replacing our voting system. The issue now is to come up with an alternative.


Anonymous said...

Canada is one of the most stable, longest running democracies in the world. I would say that argues pretty well to keep the House of Commons the way it is.
Without stable majority governments, how would the Canadian government have fought off the separatists? Or imagine the separatists in a governing coalition?

Joseph said...

If wonder how open they are to this idea if it came with the requirement of a means test?
Say for example any result where total vote count had to exceed 50% of eligable voters to be acceptable, and any party not getting more than 25% in a riding was disqualified.

Anonymous said...

Dion's reasoning is stunning in its arrogance and dishonesty.

He has cherry picked a preferential system that he thinks will probably benefit the Liberals.

He had no problems with FPTP when the Libs could use it to win majorities. The FPTP system was the only way the "Greenshift" could have become policy. He is flat out dishonest.

Dion has recognized that the shift in recent years makes it more difficult for the Libs. to win. His solution; Change the way we vote.

Dion has also deliberately left out major hurdles. So obvious are these problems that it is further proof of his credibility.

The first one is constitutional. Do you remember the charter? You know, the one he and all Liberals were praising just last week? How does he intend to change the way we vote without addressing the charter issues? Does he know a loophole? Can it be done by stealth? Again, he doesn't even mention it.

The second is more practical.Two major provinces (BC & Ont.)have already resoundingly rejected a change to the voting system provincially. The results in Ontario were so bad that one has to believe most people were confused going in to vote. Many,perhaps most, had no idea there was a plebiscite taking place that day since it was held in conjunction with a provincial election. Those that did vote rejected it more than 2 to 1. I suspect a vast majority of Ontarians could not have properly explained the proposed system. The exercise was a farce.

This is dead in the water. The only way change can happen and it likely won't be the plan Dion wants is through fatigue. Eventually you keep forwarding plebiscites until at some point a YES vot wins. This of course is the strategy of Quebec sepratistes.

This last commentary by Dion is drivel.

Anonymous said...

Liberals. A one trick pony. If the rules do not favour me then whine about changing them. me me me

Alain said...

You are right. I too find it amusing how the Left, both politicians and their supporters, only find this a big problem when they are not in power.

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