Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A grit confession

adan carroll, grit stooge, pretends that he alone was behind vickileaks. He also claims he's not sure how this info ended up with the grits.Hmmm it all sounds pretty suspicious to me.

OTTAWA - A Liberal says he acted alone when he set up a Twitter account to spread salacious details of Public Safety Minister Vic Toews' divorce. After ducking a Commons committee for two months, Adam Carroll made an appearance Tuesday to defend his actions. Carroll, the former caucus resources manager, was forced to resign in February after House of Commons IT investigators traced the source of @vikileaks30 to a desktop computer in Liberal offices on Parliament Hill. He testified at the ethics committee that interim Liberal leader Bob Rae and other key employees were unaware of his Twitter tirade, intended to protest legislation that would allow authorities to snoop the Internet without warrants. "I am vikileaks30. I and I alone am the author," he said. He said some of his tweets were also done from his Ottawa home. Carroll said he broke no laws and all the information he tweeted was publicly available. The divorce details were contained in court documents he found in a filing cabinet in Liberal offices.

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Anonymous said...

And pray tell who would believe this pile of dung?

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