Sunday, April 15, 2012

The global warming cult

I have actually made this point in the past. Even the Jehovah's witness stopped predicting the end of the world because they were always wrong. The hoaxers seem to have less sense. Global Warming Dogma and the New Iron Triangle By Norman Rogers The typical doomsday cult believes that an apocalyptic disaster is imminent. When the disaster fails to arrive, the cult faces a psychological disaster from which it may or may not recover by announcing a new and later date for doom to arrive. The advocates of apocalyptic global warming have a lot in common with doomsday cults1. Compared to the typical doomsday cult, the global warming cultists are better-educated and use the jargon of science to make their beliefs sound reasonable. The global warmers have the special advantage of generous government financing. Billions of dollars of government money is spent on climate research and low-carbon energy schemes. The money buys impressive political support. An iron triangle, in political usage, describes a strong lobbying interest with three mutually supporting components. The iron triangle of interests that promotes government support for global warming consists of big science, environmental organizations, and alternative energy industries.


Fenris Badwulf said...

The doomsday cult is a complex phenomena.

One requires a charismatic leader, capable of pushing the buttons of mass hysteria. Second, one requires followers predisposed to a negative outcome.

The media, lacking the skills of a hypnotist, none the less can buff up their message with the second best skills of guile and trickery. The face that appears on the screen is painted, his words scripted, edited, and mixed in a sound chamber. Not as good as Rasputin, or Mesmer, but with a larger audience, effective.

The masses, put through the sausage machine of dumbed down education, are not armed with reason, but the superstition of pseudo-science.

Mixed together, we have Global Warming. Heavy winters of snow shoveling, the absence of palm trees sprouting in Winnipeg, has dulled its appeal. But there are whores who spread themselves for the financial rewards offered by the state and corporate patrons who carry on the message all the while filling their wallets, purses, and man-bags.

The problem is not the herd of followers, but the small number of leaders.

Cut off the head of the worm, and the body dies.

robins111 said...

Roy, I've said from day one that entire AGW fraud has been based on a computer simulator, which is akin to predicting the outcome of the second world war, based on the 'Call of Duty' video game.... with cheats enabled..

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