Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gerry Nicholls on a very very dumb pcaa ad

It is hard to believe how dumb this ad really is. I first thought it was a black ops ad from the Wild Rose. The Alberta pcaa has shot itself in the chest. I very much respect Gerry's opinion on messaging and he thinks it was pretty dumb as well.

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john said...

I agree this ad has the real possibility of turning people off. Having some smart assed 20 something pointing his fingers like guns and saying "Ah'm frum Alburdah! k'pow k'pow!" may very well piss off the few remaining PC supporters and life long westerners who vote for other parties.

If your trying to impress some asshole from Toronto who moved here 2 years ago maybe you'll do it but if you are hoping to engage the votes of someone who's lived in the west all their life and votes NDP? Not likely.

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