Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dan Savage, bully

From the idiot who says that GOP Congressmen and women should be killed, bullies of Christian students. My friends at GOProud have denounced this hateful, foul mouthed little, little man. Savage probably would endorse this bullying as well. Jimmy LaSalvia, the executive director of GOProud, a conservative gay organization, demanded that alleged anti-bullying activist Dan Savage apologize for a bigoted, anti-Christian tirade he leveled at high school students earlier this month, Fox News' Todd Starnes wrote. “Dan Savage should apologize for his comments and should apologize to the high school students in attendance whom he called ‘pansy-asses,’” LaSalvia said. “It is ironic that someone whose claim to fame is fighting bullying would resort to bullying tactics in attacking high school students who were offended by his outrageous remarks.” More from Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.


Anonymous said...

How many gays are being stoned to death in North America today - or ever have in history?... 'Zero' is the answer. Savage is just blabbing his over-the-top rhetoric as if it had some basis in reality here. I would wager that none of the kids who walked out on his bible/homosexual rant have ever bullied another person for being gay. Yet because it's written in a 2,000 yr old book, Savage is talking as if all the christians still think and act that way today. 99.9% of Christians don't. As with any 2,000 yr old book, times, beliefs and attitudes have changed - Christians understand that - and it's the book as a whole that people embrace, not a handful of long-outdated and now ignored passages. Yet Savage and his ilk like to desperately hold on to these to play the victim card as long as they possibly can. And as you point out, to the point of bullying Christians now.

Dollops said...

I think you mean well Nonny but let us not give this creep the benefit of a doubt. Old testament laws came from a time when observed consequences justified tribal laws that might or might not have been applied literally. "Sin" was dangerous, unhealthy or uncivil behaviour, wisely discouraged for the good of one and all. This speaker shows wanton disregard for the well-being of individuals and society when he sneers at the wisdom of the ages.

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