Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Eric Duhaime on the crybaby cbc

My friend Eric has a piece in the red star!! The Cuts Aren’t So Bad, Crybabies TUE APRIL 10, 2012 by Eric Duhaime, Columnist, Journal de Montreal | 15 CommentsThe CBC should take a lesson from the BBC and slash cushy management jobs rather than trying to score political points by cutting the shows Canadians want to watch. The world is about to end according to the crybabies at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation now that they have been “drastically” cut by the so-called anti-culture Conservative government. The budget tabled on March 29 supposes that the CBC will do its part in reducing the deficit by absorbing cuts of $110 million over the next three years, which amounts to 10 per cent of its annual $1.1 billion public funding On April 5, a day that some dubbed “Dark Wednesday”, CBC President and CEO Hubert T. Lacroix announced that the Crown corporation will cut 650 jobs over the next four years, reduce its original programming and ask to sell ads on CBC radio to generate revenue. By doing this, the CBC once again chose the easiest and most politically biased solution....


Anonymous said...

Isn't $110 Million over three years = 3.3% cuts annually rather than 10%?

Pissedoff said...

Harper should have stopped all funding, then I may have believed he was a conservative.

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