Monday, April 30, 2012

Downfall of the Chinese commies?

This article gives me a little hope for the freedom of the Chinese people.

Four Shocks That Could Change China In the past four months, the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) has experienced four shocks that could materially affect, if not eventually end, its “leading role” in Chinese society. First, on December 13 of last year, a mob of villagers forced out local party leaders and the police and took control of the town of Wukan. Enraged by illegal land grabs and police brutality, the villagers installed their own representatives after gaining concessions from national authorities. The Wukan uprising is symbolic of the two hundred thousand mass protests reported for 2010....

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Anonymous said...

like iran, if countries are left to their own devices, it is inevitable that once the masses taste the fruits of capitalism, they will clamour for more of the freedoms that produce it. but like iran, when other nations begin to get involved in their affairs you run the risk of pushing the rebellion into the arms of the statists.
democratic movements must be allowed to breathe on their own.

brad maynard

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