Monday, April 16, 2012


It seems the student radicals are now throwing molotov cocktails. If it is not the students , they must all denounce these and all despicable acts of violence. From their actions it looks like they are not concerned about their education. MONTREAL - Police are investigating four separate acts of vandalism overnight that targeted the offices of high-ranking government officials in Montreal. Things got started just after 3 a.m. when someone smashed a window at 750 Marcel Laurin Blvd., a building which currently houses the offices of Quebec Justice Minister Jean-Marc Fournier. Several bottles which "looked like Molotov cocktails” were thrown inside, said Montreal police Constable Yannick Ouimet. Update Orla Johannes 7 minutes ago near Montreal · METRO LINE BACK UP AND RUNNING !!!! Students pulling emergency stopping levers inside the metro cars and masked people throwing garbage bags of bricks onto the line! Come on ... enough already! More on the Metro disruptions.


fernstalbert said...

This could be a make or break moment for the Charest government - does the rule of law apply or anarchy? Time for Quebec to choose. Cheers.

Jen said...

These students who committed such violence should be prosecuted.

Quebecers for years have and continue to live in a NANNY STATE mentality which Quebec is.
No wonder students have had it easy for decades. Can you blame them for the sudden reation to the rise in University cost?

How many of the reporters or politicians of the right Dr. Roy, explained to the students and to all quebecer that the 'freeness' to everything comes from the monies from other provinces.
How many quebecers know that their province is in a huge debt and is a 'have-not' province?

Don't you think Dr Roy that it is about time that the feeding bottle should be remove be removed from their mouths and learn to drink from a cup without aide?

Anonymous said...

Whoever is doing this, students or not, I can't help but get p.o.'d at the lax attitude by the authorities. I mean, when a group of Mohawks peacefully blocked a bridge, the freakin army, complete with tanks and guns, came in to "keep these savages under control." Yet a group of white, mostly French-speaking, people endanger lives, they are allowed to roam free and keep increasing violent tactics.

Sean M said...

Ahhhh, the inevitable results of entitlement, tribal, group think. Pierre and his comrades sure made a mess out if all, they must be so proud.

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