Monday, April 02, 2012

Danielle Smith will win!!!

Fascinatingto see the despicable way the mop and pail has reported on Danielle Smith's classy response to a vile slur. The Wild Rose is surging! Over the weekend, Amanda Wilkie, a Conservative staffer, sent a tweet questioning Smith’s commitment to families because she doesn’t have children of her own. “If @elect Danielle likes young and growing families so much, why doesn’t she have children of her own? #wrp family pack = insincere #abvote,” Wilkie tweeted on her account. Wilkie said she was sorry after her comments sparked outrage: “Fine, I apologize.” Despite the apology, Wilkie resigned with Redford calling the incident “hurtful.” “It does not reflect my values nor those of my campaign in any way,” added Redford, who called Smith personally to offer her apologies. Smith, who has taken the Wildrose party from a non-starter in the last election to four MLAs in the legislature, accepted the apology. The revelation that she and her husband, David Moretta, had sought fertility treatments in a Calgary clinic won her public sympathy. “[I]n the end, we were not successful,” Smith said in a release. “Family is very important to me and I consider this to be a very personal matter. I will not be commenting on it further.” The outpouring of sympathy capped off an upbeat start for the Wildrose, with its campaign bus garnering national attention after two wheels were salaciously placed under an image of a smiling Smith. Not only did that gain her image exposure with thousands of retweets, but it also got her attention on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

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fernstalbert said...

The MSM of Central Canada has been cheerleading for RedAli for months. "Isn't she wonderful - how mainstream - enlightened - so progressive - welcome to 21st century Canada" - blah, blah,blah - you need seasick pills to counter the naseau. Here is the breaking newsflash Toronto - those good Alberta "folks" are going to reduce the PC Party to "has been, washed up, good riddance, corruptocrats status" and turf them out of office without a regret. We tend to put up with "stuff" for a while, but when Albertans get their collective dander up it's - out the door and don't let it hit you on the way out. We are not sentimental and the long goodbye ain't going to happen. Cheers.

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