Monday, April 02, 2012

The courts don't care about babies

Apparently our courts care very little about babies. The judges of Canada seem to buy into the post birth abortion theory. It is always amazing to watch the venality of Canadian liberal judges. The Tories need to tighten up these laws. In May of 2007, April Halkett gave birth to a baby boy at the Prince Albert, Saskatchewan Wal-Mart and walked out alone. The baby was found shortly afterward, and was saved. Charged with the crime of child abandonment, she was tried and acquitted in 2009. In weighing the facts and statements presented, Queen’s Bench Justice Neil Gabrielson ruled that the mother should be judged subjectively and, having considered Ms. Halkett’s fear and confusion, found she was guilty of negligence in leaving the store, but her action was not criminal. The Ontario attorney general seeks to intervene in the case when it comes before the Supreme Court later this year, because it will affect future criminal cases involving child abandonment if Ms. Halkett’s acquittal is upheld. The judge’s knightly exculpation of Ms. Halkett is typical, not exceptional, in Canadian cases of infant abandonment and killing by mothers. Judges have a soft spot for moms, and willingly accept excuses of post-partum depression (even a year after the birth, even for second killings), ignorance, stress, whatever. A cursory perusal of Christie Blatchford’s archived accounts of non- or under-punished mothers will provide distressing material for anyone under the illusion that justice is gender-blind in Canadian courts.

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