Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chantal on iffy

Chantal Hebert points out that the separatists have not been doing very well. Why does iffy want to help the separatists.
In a BBC interview, Ignatieff argued that the two referendums battles had left Quebec and the rest of Canada with precious little to say to each other. When asked whether Quebec independence was inevitable he answered: “I think eventually that’s where it goes.” It is possible that Ignatieff’s analysis stems from his own failure to connect with Quebecers in last year’s election. His underlying thesis of a massive post-referendum devolution of powers does not hold water. Every province has run its own health and education systems since Confederation and Quebec’s immigration powers pre-date the referendum wars.


joseph said...

The irony is that to agree with any of the separatist contentions you have to believe the separatists threat isn't about forcing Ottawa into underwriting another Quebec social program.
I say ironic because the only ones that still take the separatists seriously are the liberal intelligencia in Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto. The rest stopped buying the clap trap right around the failure of Meech, and the fair-weather federalists are keeping their mouths shut until they can fool enough voters to believe the threats of separation again.

Anonymous said...

Ignatieff has proven himself the country's biggest loser. He knows nothing about this country, that's why he had his ass handed to him.

Anonymous said...

Of course if we are to take Mr Ignatieff's musings at face value we must re-elect the Liberal rump.
They and only they can "save" Canada.
Did I mention the Liberals also acorrding to Mr Ignatieff Built Canada".
He makes Wily Coyote look like a role model.
Cheers Bubba

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