Wednesday, April 04, 2012

bob rae apologizes...

for saying that HM PM Mulroney was responsible for the $100000 pension top up. I guess it is understandable. are is a recent grit and doesn't seem to know the history of the party he joined. He doesn't understand that it was two liberal prime ministers responsible for this. All of his blathering seems to have made him forget he is leader of the third party. He has also promised to undo the Tory budget. That should be interesting. How will he do that? Will he be the leader in 15 years when his party next has a chance to govern, if they haven't disappeared or will he just wish upon a star. The dippers aren't even letting him speak.

“There’s a separate allowance for the prime minister, for a retiring prime minister that was brought in in 1992 for some particular reason. I don’t know why that would be,” Rae said Friday. He repeated the assertion on Monday. On Tuesday, however, iPolitics learned the Mulroney government added only a subsection that stipulated payments to a PM would not be made as long as he or she was still a serving member of the House of Commons or the Senate. The original provision containing the PM’s retirement allowance was approved on Aug. 2, 1963, under Liberal prime minister Lester Pearson. The last significant amendment — to lower the age at which the allowance kicks in from 70 to 65 — was instituted in 1974 under prime minister Pierre Trudeau, another Liberal.


Anonymous said...

Stephen Harper should apologize for lying to Canadians about how the decision to spend BILLIONS of dollars was made. Beyond disgraceful.

Gerald said...

It's good to see the family of NDPPQ and Lieberals fighting among themselves.They're making fools of themselves,and the best leader in the world(PM Harper) will just sit back and let them.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Harper has removed DND from the direct process and will now put in place the bulletproof procedures that worked impeccably with the shipbuilding tenders and stimulus program. He'll get it right.

Question though: Why has our media largely ignored PM Harper's fabulous hour long talk at the Wilson Centre in Washington this week.

Speaking totally without script he was lauded for being anointed the very best country on Earth to invest (Forbes), 2015 target to be out of deficit hushing the envious audience, bigger trade relationship between Canada/US than the BRIC, mid-east and EURO countries combined!!!

It is quite a video, here on c-span:

Anonymous said...


A government that promotes itself as a responsible steward of the economy has bungled the biggest and most important contract on its watch. A Prime Minister who practically branded criticism of the F-35 acquisition as treasonous must now deeply regret, and will have to eat, his words.

Alberta Girl said... are aware that the F35 process was started by the Libs in 2002, right.

I could see you might not know given how horrified they are that they are even being thought of, but they signed onto the process and the Harper gov't was left to carry through.

I predict changes will be made, which is EXACTLY what the AG report is for - to catch problems and fix them before the money is spent, although it didn't work so well in that little money thing called the sponsorship scandal!

Pissedoff said...

Didn't work very well when Cretin cancelled the helicopters. No cancellation charges will be required if we cancel this as not contract to buy has been signed.

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