Monday, April 23, 2012

Another dipper leaves

So I wonder how many more will leave. Maybe Rafferty. I am sure there other rural dipper Mp's who don't agree with the dippers on the long gun registry. This is a fitting greeting for mulcair. Wonder if any more pro life dippers will be driven out as well. The NDP lost a member of its caucus today when northern Ontario MP Bruce Hyer confirmed he will now sit as an Independent. The news was confirmed by Hyer's office. Members of Parliament were back in Ottawa after a two-week break in their ridings and earlier in the day, NDP House leader Nathan Cullen said his 102-member caucus was returning united and focused on holding the Conservatives to account. Hyer recently contradicted his party's position on the long-gun registry when he sided with the Conservatives in the final vote to end the registry in February. The NDP's interim leader at the time, Nycole Turmel, had alreay disciplined Hyer for voting with the government during a previous vote in the fall. Another northern Ontario MP who voted with the government, John Rafferty, was also disciplined.

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