Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Wente on thelatest pseudoscandal

Margaret Wente is right on the money. Good quote from Michael Bliss : “From the point of view of anybody concerned about our political system, it’s a non-scandal,” says Michael Bliss, the eminent historian. But parliamentary politics is such a bear pit that, in the absence of a real scandal (such as the sponsorship affair), a non-scandal will have to do. Opposition politicians, along with a fair portion of the media, have clamped on to the Harper government like a pack of rabid chihuahuas. They’ve escalated the rhetoric so much that you’ve got to wonder what they’ll say when a real scandal comes along. Yet, they also know they’re playing to the crowd. Just check out the letters pages, or the media comment sites, to get a taste of the vitriol this story has unleashed. A substantial number of Canadians believe Mr. Harper really did steal the 2011 election, in spirit if not in fact, and as far as they’re concerned, the robo-calling scandal just confirms it. “A lot of people – especially Liberals – simply cannot accept the legitimacy of the Conservatives being in power,” says Mr. Bliss. In Canada, just as in the United States, political polarization is on the upswing. And for a variety of reasons, the Harper government has failed to bridge the gap between the 40 per cent who voted for the Conservatives and the 60 per cent who didn’t. This is all wasting time in parliament. Will the opposition propose one policy? Hopefully the falling of the budget axe will get the chattering classes and their grit masters to concentrate on more real stories.


Anonymous said...

I think if they shut down CBC the coalition might be forced to do some work for a change. When you have Tokyo Rose CBC at your disposal to be your soapbox to smear the Govt. they will continue these bogus smear gates. The media(99%) in Canada right now are a frightening disgrace.Lies, inuendo, and assumptions...that the news? You can't believe the press or CBC/CTV/GLOBAL anymore. All liers.

Anonymous said...

The robocall scandal is being drivenby "robo-e-mails"
from lead now. Let's unlead them.

Zorpheous said...

Unfortunately, Election Canada and the RCMP don't share your view. Now confirmed that three ridings in Ontario being investigated.

Care to change your bets gentlemen?

Pissedoff said...

Run by the NDP and other lefties



Sean M said...

Bliss makes a salient point when he states that the "Liberals" cannot except the election results... and neither can their media whores. "Liberals" and their media whores have been rejected by Canadians, and they just can't accept that rejection. It's like they suffer from a collectivist denial. It's always been my own contention that lefty's want to tear everything down and impose their Trudopian nightmare, and when they can't do that, they get hysterical and psychotic, while they lash out at the enemy... Canadians. The media arm of the "Liberal" left are the worst of all, irresponsible, immature, cry babies regurgitating Opposition smear campaigns as fact, while ignoring the real facts. The immaturity and psychotic hysteria from the left is an embarassment to the country, and further illustrates the lefty's supremacist nature.

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