Monday, March 26, 2012

Welcome Back Stephen Fletcher!!!

I am very, very pleased that Stephen Fletcher is back at work. You were very much missed! I hope his recovery continues at a fast pace. OTTAWA -- Manitoba junior cabinet minister Steven Fletcher sat in his 29th-floor office in downtown Ottawa last week and gazed at the stunning views of the Ottawa Valley that stretched out below. He is a little thinner than before, his black suit hanging loosely on his body. But he is no less feisty and he has a clear message for anyone who thinks his health problems will keep him from staying in politics. He's back and he's not going anywhere. That Fletcher is this confident in his current health is nothing short of a medical marvel. Just two months ago, Fletcher was meeting with his lawyers to make sure his will was up to date. The new year had barely begun when Fletcher, 39, was told by his orthopedic surgeon in Winnipeg that something was very wrong. "The rod in my neck had become dislodged," he said. "The bottom two screws started to project into my throat." After Fletcher underwent more testing in Ottawa and Toronto, the news kept getting worse. The damage to the rod was so bad the C5-C6 vertebrae had broken again.

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