Sunday, March 25, 2012

Voter suppression chez the dippers

Is thomas mulcair the legitimate leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition? Apparently lots of dippers were thwarted in their attempts to vote. The dippers have promised an investigation. culler's campaign manager says cullen was hurt by this voter suppression. Clearly online voting is not a good idea except for American Idol. We don’t know exactly how many members of the New Democratic Party had their votes in their party’s leadership election on Saturday nullified, as did the victims in the robocalls scandal in last year’s federal election. We do know that some New Democrats were either deprived of their right to vote or discouraged from exercising it by long delays in voting that resulted from an external cyber-attack on the party’s computers. When even a single voter has his or her vote nullified, it’s one too many, and it affects the results of the election. In this case, enough such votes went uncast and uncounted that the campaign manager for candidate Nathan Cullen said it was “a huge problem for our campaign.” Anyway, Cullen’s campaign didn’t challenge his elimination on the third ballot, and the NDP pretends that the election was entirely legitimate.


Anonymous said...

And the truth be known - They would administer the government of Canada in the same way.
Take note of this and act accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Well, a couple notes:

- the vote was not tampered with
- voting times were extended to make up for delays
- thus far I've only seen that people gave up voting online out of frustration, not that they didn't get a chance to vote

It was a new way bound to have mistakes, and as Selinger (premier of MB) pointed out: gov't servers are attacked hundreds of times a day. Next time I hope things go smoothly, no one is pretending Mulcair won - everyone knew going in he would take it - dippers aren't worried about it.

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