Monday, March 12, 2012

Vice President Cheney cancels

ugh.... I was going to meet Vice President Dick Cheney April 24. I am very disappointed. I am heartened to see Mark Steyn again. Dick Cheney cancels Canadian speech over “security concerns” Posted on 12 March 2012. Former Vice President Dick Cheney and his daughter, Liz, were scheduled to do a speech in April at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. Now, six weeks away, organizers are announcing that the event has been canceled, citing security concerns. Spectre Live, the organization sponsoring the Cheneys in Toronto issued a statement saying that the Cheney family made the unilateral decision to cancel their Toronto engagement after reconsidering fallout at the former Vice President’s last Canadian event. In September of 2011, Dick Cheney was protested at a speech in Vancouver, where an NDP Member of Parliament threatened legal action against Cheney days prior. While Dick Cheney may be too afraid to enter Canada, bestselling author Mark Steyn will be taking to the stage as a replacement with ‘Steynamite’, where Steyn will be taking his fearless brand of commentary and analysis to the stage for Torontonians to hear. Ryan Ruppert, president of Spectre Live and organizer for the Cheney event said, “While we are disheartened that the Cheneys do not feel comfortable coming to Canada, we are gratified that our own Mark Steyn will not be intimidated either by protestors or government censors.” He added, “On April 24th, Mark will exercise his freedom of expression at the Metro Convention Centre with bestselling author Michael Coren.” Tickets are available with discounted prices for earlybirds at Spectre Live’s Steynamite page. Listen to Mark Steyn talk about the cancellation on The Rush Limbaugh Show.


Anonymous said...

Cheney went to Afghanistan, but he won't go to Canada. Bravo Canadian idiots.

Anonymous said...

Security concerns

islamic supremacy goons and Public Unions threaten villence or even Riots and terrorism to get their way.

Meanwhile, cupe and opseu members vacation in Communist Cuba with our tax dollars to prop up a misogynistic/homophobic regime that had jailed gays with AIDs to rot and die out of the sight of canadian tourists.

Nice one , the 1% of the 1% in high paying Union jobs jumped in bed with the islamic supremeacy thugs and they bash israel too as hamas in gaza murders gays in public by cutting off their faces with razor blades .
That leftists tolerance and love, I'm at a loss for words.

Blue Canuck said...

Canada is receeding into darkness with its Alinskyite ayatollahs...

I Support Lord Black