Friday, March 23, 2012

Tory Truth Ads panic grits

So the grits may move up their leadership race. Or they are debating if Rae is worth defending. Or rae will have to expose his leadership intentions.. It is amusing to watch. All because of the Tory truth ads. Good work!!


Anonymous said...

Would you still call it a Truth Ad if it was directed at your son or daughter? It's about time politicians started walking the moral high ground over which they claim stewardship.

climatecriminal said...

anonymous what a stupid comment, everything in the ad was true if my son or daughter had done the vicious and natsy things Rae did they would deserve the criticism but I'd like to think that they wouldn't turn into a socialist stooge like your hero.

Blame Crash said...

This Liberal Anonymous mouthpiece shows up here and puts on the false front of an honest upright concerned citizen, and then attempts to equate that fork-tongued Toronto supremacist snob with honest people’s sons and daughters. What a laugh!
Go back to your snake pit libby!

Sean M said...

Funny how "Liberals" constantly manufacture and run fear@smear campaigns... "Harpers secret agenda", Wafergate", "Robogate", "Busty-hookergate" etc. etc. etc. but a little bit of truth about themselves makes them positively apoplectic. Hey, if I was NDP Bob and desired to be inserted as the head Librano, I wouldn't want my dismal record as Ont. NDP Premier scrutinized either.

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