Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The Tory Base is Solid

Most Tories realize this is another grit dipper pseudo scandal. The opposition sees this as a fundraising opportunity. They have no ideas and most Tories understand this. HM Government needs to continue things that resonate with the base. They should cut the budget, especially of the cbc, get rid of section 13 a and continue with free trade negotiations. The Tory base wants that and will stay loyal. This pseudo scandal should also raise more money for the Tories without even asking. Chantal Hebert understands this as well. MONTREAL—If then-prime minister Paul Martin had not gone on a mad-as-hell national tour in the spring of 2004, would the sponsorship scandal that he ranted about from coast to coast to coast have loomed as large in the subsequent election? Most independent analysts would readily answer that question in the negative. Martin’s public show of indignation was meant to dissociate him from a blooming scandal in the lead-up to his first campaign. Instead it did more to establish the sponsorship affair as a ballot-box issue than any amount of opposition rhetoric. With allegations of vote suppression swirling around their party, no one should be surprised that Conservative strategists have gone in the opposite direction. Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s expressions of dismay at the suggestion that persons apparently sympathetic to his party may have tampered with the electoral process have been, to put it mildly, excessively restrained. The government’s minimalist strategy has predictably raised the temperature on the opposition side of the House of Commons and it has earned the Conservatives and their leader some toughly worded editorial scolding. But two polls suggest the approach is working. Is it really or is something larger at play? According to Ekos and Nanos, the robocall saga has so far had no impact on Conservative fortunes.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't take anything that bought and paid for CBC Esko's has to say. He was way off before the election and he works for CBC. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

The thing is, this is inherently NOT a big of a scandal as Sponsorship. The two things are horrible, but completely different.

So it might not just be Harper's minimalist strategy, it might be that this isn't a bombshell issue. Plus, nobody has found anything to tie the Conservatives to this.

Gordie_Canuk said...

When you look at the Tory base you have 3 groups...the NCC less goverment libertarians, the pro-life socons, and what I'll call mainstream fiscal conservatives who want capable stewardship and a return to the days of balanced budgets and/or surplus.

I don't think socons can be too happy, nor the libertarian crowd after watching Harper grown government to the biggest ever.

He can keep the fiscal cons on side if he can restore balance to the books though, but time isn't on his side with a sputtering economy.

Anonymous said...

I am a member of the CPoC. I received a call today to send in a contribution , I declined. I said until PM SH does something to reign in the CBC there will be no more money coming from me.
Brian Mulroney's biggest mistake was not selling the CBC,they did him in as they will do the CPoC in too if something is not done in the upcoming budget.

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