Saturday, March 24, 2012

Prof Salim mansur on the RLQ

Prof Mansur was a speaker at the RLQ event last week. He has written his column this week about the event Last Sunday, some 450 Quebecers passionately committed to the idea of freedom got together at Levis, on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River across from Quebec City.
They came to attend the third annual meeting of Le Reseau Liberte-Quebec, or Quebec Freedom Network, energized by the resonant ideas of classical liberalism to rescue their province from the increasingly corrupt and failed politics of separatism, socialism and statism.
RLQ was launched in 2010 by a remarkable group of talented individuals in Quebec City. The founding convention brought together nearly 500 people from various backgrounds who support the principle, as stated in RLQ’s mission statement, of “individual liberty and personal responsibility.”
I was at Levis on invitation to speak at the convention and take part in a panel discussion on multiculturalism. There I met with the key organizers of the RLQ, among them Joanne Marcotte, Ian Senechal and fellow QMI Agency columnist and Sun News commentator Eric Duhaime.
Marcotte is the author of the recent bestseller in Quebec, Pour en finir avec le Gouvernemaman (Doing Away With the Nanny State).
I asked Marcotte to describe for me the key issues that attracted the people gathered at Levis.
“All of us here are on a mission of reducing the Nanny State and increasing awareness among Quebecers of multiculturalism’s failure,” she said....

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Jen said...

Dr. Roy, first of all Quebecers have to know that the province of Quebec is in a huge debt and is a HAVE NOT PROVINCE created by the Quebec government.

Quebecers also have to made aware of that most of the welfare money comes from the ROC particularly from the oilsands.

The people of Quebec want to proud of their province well they have to understand that there is nothing to be proud of when they take money from other provinces then to bash them.

They should be ashamed of attacking very source that keeps their province working.
Feeling proud of ones province is when that province works hard doesn't live off other province nor live in a NANNY STATE which Quebec is.

You have to show Quebecers their province debt over and over again.

I Support Lord Black