Saturday, March 03, 2012

Prof Mansur on bo's apology to murderous mobs

Prof Mansur is absolutely right. These mobs should be condemned, not pandered to. In apologizing for the inadvertent burning of the Qur’an by American soldiers, U.S. President Barack Obama has put on display yet again how abjectly craven he is when dealing with the Muslim world. Any reasonable person knows well it is not American policy to abuse, harm, injure or insult Muslims intentionally, nor burn or demolish any thing that Muslims hold sacred as part of their belief. It is also known much too well by Muslims residing in the U.S., and in countries of the West, that they live better in freedom with their faith flourishing and secure than they would anywhere inside the Arab-Muslim world. So why does an American president show contrition when responding to the newest outrage by Muslim mobs directed at the U.S. and its personnel due to grievance of little merit? The apology, according to the explanation given, was to defuse a highly volatile situation.

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Anonymous said...

I see no need for an apology for the courageous burning of the so called holy book of the Koran!

Then again, considering how many Islamic people there are in Canada, maybe an apology is on order. We have opened our liberal bleeding hearts and immigration gates for these people of this so called peaceful religion so the least we can do is apologise for this mistreatment that surely has violated their Charter protected bleeding heart liberal right.

Canada lost over 150 soldiers, with many more wounded, to protect these people, to bring them freedom, to promote democracy and to defend Canada from the tyranny that this religion wanted to inflict on North America.

Our bleeding heart liberal government opened up the flood gates of immigration after 9/11 and the migration of islam has continued to the present day under the bleeding heart liberal government of PM Harper.

So until Canada gats her act together I suggest we do say sorry to our Islamic-Canadians and the people our soldiers died protecting.

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