Friday, March 23, 2012

Peter Foster on the bully suzuki

Peter Foster discusses how suzuki is trying to intimidate Tory senators. It is his way. He said those who disagree with him should be jailed. His foundation should lose its tax exempt status. suzuki and his foundation is a partisan organization, not a charity. Radical environmentalists tend not to be famous for their objectivity or sense of irony. Canada’s most famous eco-activist, David Suzuki, proved that this week by organizing a write-in campaign to protest a Senate inquiry into foreign institutional funding of Canadian political activism. Independent researcher Vivian Krause unearthed more than $300-million of such eco-laundering, which has been used to campaign against B.C. fish farming and bring the Canadian forest industry to heel. Recently, both Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver fingered foreign funding in clogging up the regulatory process for the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline, the latest front in the green industry’s war against the oil sands. The Suzuki-to-Senate form email ventriloquized that robo-senders were “disappointed by the recent attempts of some senators to silence and demonize those who don’t share their positions.” It suggested that the Conservative senators, led by Nicole Eaton, were trying to “stifle the voices of millions of Canadians.” In fact, “Silence and demonize” could be the Suzuki foundation’s motto. On its website, right beside Tell the Senate to stop silencing environmental groups sits a piece by Mr. Suzuki with the headline Climate change denial isn’t about science, or even skepticism. The same article was recently published in The Huffington Post under the headline Deny Deniers their Right to Deny!

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bertie said...

I,d give Suzuki his right to deny ,with a big kick in the rear end.Never can find him to do that though cause he is hiding somewhere with his believers.I would say deny the believers the right to believe.Yes that's more like it,deny the believers the right to believe and everything will be fine...But i would prefer kicking his rear end.Or put him in jail.

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