Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Constitution Day

My friends at the Canadian Constituition Foundation are trying to teach Canadians about our constitution. It is 30 years since Our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth signed the 1982 Constitution into law. So March 29 is Constitution Day. I am not a fan of the Canadian Charter or the activist grit judges that interpret it, but it is our Supreme law and we should know what it says.


Sean M said...

Pierre's Charter... The Cult of Trudopia.

Dollops said...

The constitution that allows or promotes a fractured society, homelessness, drug use and abuse of users, marriage breakup, amoral behaviour, ad nauseum? I could pen a better constitution in a half hour - and I'm just a mechanic. If your nation is not founded on noble sentiments and plain-spoken limits to its tolerance of the actions of individuals and governments then 21st century Canada is what you will get.

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