Monday, March 12, 2012

More praise For HM Minister of Citizenship and Immigration

More praise for one of my favorite Tory Cabinet ministers, Jason Kenney. Though I would like him to tighten immigration a lot more. We need to dramatically increase security checks on immigrants and stop immigration from countries with large numbers of jihadis, until we can undertake the needed security checks. We also have to further tighten up our refugee system and our foreign worker program. Enlarge this image GLOBE EDITORIAL Kudos to Kenney for reforming immigration system From Monday's Globe and Mail Published Sunday, Mar. 11, 2012 7:30PM ED Ottawa hasn’t had such an activist immigration minister in years, and many of Jason Kenney’s reforms are long overdue. An immigration system that takes eight years just to open up an applicant’s file is dangerously close to collapse. Canada has become a victim of its own popularity -- as well as its own inefficiencies. To eliminate the backlog of one million applications, Mr. Kenney has proposed “transformational change” that could include simply eliminating all the old files, and starting anew.

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Anonymous said...

The ROMA refugee scam is so bad now that a ROMA Refugee Office has set-up inside the Crossways Apartment Towers because it is also the place for Welfare and Culture-Link via Toronto Emploment & Social Services.
I went by the ROMA welcoming Centre and most of the people were healty adults around 40+ yeas olds.
We now see the Police arresting Theft-rings of ROMA that are doing the jobs candians won't do, yes folks...these people on Welfare aren't happy with free-housing and Legal Aid and dental , no sir....why stop there when you can screw canadians like suckers and know they will be in canada for at least 10 years if you get a really weasely lawyer to dag it out.
First it was the African Muslims fleeing oppresion but quickly wanted Shariah law in canada imposed on everyone by-proxy, then it was the Cubans and Mexicans as bogus refugees where some returned home for the drug trade in Mexico, then it was the Bogus Johovah Witnesses from Portuguel who wore christian icoans and jewelry which Johovahs don't wear, now it's refugees pretending to be gay .

Palestine House was nailed for aiding and abetting 300 pro-hamas muslims use their Address as their Home in Canada when the 300 were back in gaza firing rockets at jews.
Today it's the Anchor babies by females from China that stick us with the bill and will use the child to get themn a free education and sponsor the parent into canada for free-health care one day.

Enough is enough, refugees get more benefits that candians, refugees get Housing and dental care, plus 400 pro-Terrorist tamils showed up on our shores in 2010 with no ID and then got the Red Carpet for all the welfare and hand-outs plus we Printed up the ID for them and aset them free to terrorize Citizens in Torotno with Insurance fraud scams that tops the ROMA scam artists.

I Support Lord Black