Friday, March 30, 2012

More Language Inspectors

An excellent way to spend taxpayers money. NOT!!! A whole department ready to persecute linguist minorities. Quebec really is progressive. QUEBEC CITY — Facing a barrage of linguistic controversies, the Quebec government has announced it wants the provincial language watchdog to bite more often. Despite a hiring freeze across Quebec's public service, the government will hire 43 employees at the Office quebecois de la langue francaise to fill vacancies left by departures. The government is also asking language inspectors to be more proactive _ and take action not only after they get complaints, but also beforehand. Quebec laws allows the agency to take legal action and seek fines from commercial establishments that don't respect rules like French predominance on signs.

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Sean M said...

Keeping the tribal lobsters in the trap is the priority of the Government of Quebec. I wonder if the Government of Quebec would keep it's language gestapo if and when transfer payments from the west were to suddenly stop... yeah, they probably would... pathetic. Sowing the seeds of destruction.

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