Sunday, March 25, 2012

More Free Trade

 HM PM Harper has announced free trade talks with the Kingdom of Thailand and Japan. These are more huge opportunities for Canada! Canada and Japan have agreed to enter free-trade talks. Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Japanese counterpart made the announcement following a bilateral meeting in Tokyo on Sunday. The news follows a recently released joint study estimating that such an agreement could mean gains of up to $3.8 billion a year in Canadian gross domestic product, with Canadian exports to Japan increasing by as much as 67 per cent. "These are important steps forward; historic steps forward," Harper said heading into the meeting. With the world's third largest economy, Japan already does big business with Canada. Canada exported nearly $11 billion worth of goods to Japan last year, while Canadians purchased $13 billion worth of items made in Japan. Canada's trade deals Since the Harper government took office in 2006, Canada has signed free-trade agreements with: Colombia. Honduras. Jordan. Panama. Peru. The European Free Trade Association states of Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It is also in negotiation with many others, including India and the European Union. During Harper's trip to China in February, leaders there also expressed interest in future free-trade talks. Canada also hopes to participate in the emerging Trans-Pacific Partnership.


Jen said...

How many canadians know what the PM is doing for our country- not many.

Obama is more noticeable and pronounceable in the media that is the PM of canada.

bertie said...

And why are the Papers that are favorable to the Conservatives not headlining these accomplishments.Are we sure they are pro Conservative or do they just do the TALK and not the WALK

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