Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mark holland is a sore loser

Now grits all over the country have excuses for losing. In the case of of mark holland , who lost by 3000 votes, it is massive voter fraud. sorry mark, voters were tired of your arrogant grit ways. Your leader admitted he was a loser, perhaps you should man up and admit Chrus Alexander is a better candidate and a better person than you ever will be. Tories across Canada wanted to get rid of you for so many reasons. You lost, get over it and stop your whining. If the grits really believe that they won the last election, they obviously need to return iffy to grit leadership.After all he must be a winner, right? This is all too funny.


Anonymous said...

Mark Holland advice: "It's better to keep your mouth shut and look like an idiot, than to open your mouth up and confirm it."

Ontario Girl

maryT said...

If those calls scared of his voters what else scares them. Didn't know that so many liberal/ndpqers could be afraid to go vote. What did they think would happen to them, getting mugged, robbed, raped or what.
Truth is, they were not scared off, they realized what a loser he is/was and what an inept MP he was.

robins111 said...

This story is providing great hilarity in the Canadian firearms community right now, with the expected level of commiseration. Holland basically spit in the face of close to two million law abiding citizens, with the consequences he deserved.

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