Sunday, March 11, 2012

Manning Center 2012

President of the Treasury Board Tony Clement

Bill Robson

Olivier Ballou

Daniel Hannan

Tasha Kheirridin  Eric Duhaim

Preston Manning    

HM Minister of Defence Peter Mackay

Ambassador Wilkins

Leah Costello

Pierre Bastien Dionne

The Manning Center Conference really was a conservative family reunion. It was wonderful to see so many old friends and make a few new friends. Lots of interesting sessions, which I will try and post as they become available. This year there were over 600 people in attendance. I urge you attend next year's conference!!


Roy Elsworth said...

it's all good but I am still mad at Tasha karriden for her comments about sunnews how short sleaves or no sleaves was degrading to women on the show. and if it was all Conservative then why was Cristy Clark there roy I did see you sitting down though on the tv.

The Keystone Garter said...

I had a few ideas about AB energy policy. Natural gas requires analysis of future regional markets and products. Oil being sold now for tax cuts instead of when health care costs rise or revenue saved. Tar is carbon intensive.
...but I ff--.... ffffff..... I ffff-hurt my head in 'Nam. I had an under-the-table thing going selling our used maps to these friendly Asians. I earned the hazard pay; it seemed like VC always knew our location and had us ambushed. I like to name my food before eating it.
Ideas are gone!! Brain all ffffuh---fffff. FF-fff-ffffff-messed up.
Llllllluhh-llllll--.... LLLL!!!!! Look-Look. LLuuhh--, lloookk!! LLLLLLLLLUHHHHHHHHHHH--UHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Look-lll-LLL-Look-Look....(pant)
lllllllllllll!!!!!!! Look out! VC!

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