Thursday, March 15, 2012

Liberal democrats?

Apparently Le petit foul mouthed dauphin wants a merger with the dippers,after the Tories wipe the floor with the grits and the dippers in 2015. Get used to losing Justin, Senator Brazeau is gonna give you a whupping. An NDP / grit merger should drive out the blue grits completely into the waiting arms of the Tories.


Anonymous said...

Why doesn't he just cross the floor to the NDP. Clearly he doesn't like the lack of attention that he is getting from his own party members. He's not sure of his elections prospects if he remains on the Liberal benches and he wants to be in a place where people will fawn over him. The NDP already have one liability by the name of Pat Martin. Do they want another?

What will Justin do if the Bloc makes a comeback? Perhaps he will join them instead.

What a silly boy.
Justin is saying that if Liberal seat count drops, he's crossing. He's just geti

climatecriminal said...

he's really more than a silly boy, he is also self-righteous, entitlled socialist radical and a symptom of the extreme radical leftist poison that has turned the liberals into a joke of a party

Frances said...

And wealthy with to, thanks to Daddy's advisors. Just another champaigne socialist.

Sean M said...

Trudeaus dumbass kid doesn't have the education or the malicious vindictiveness, nor the acting ability of his horrid Father, but they do share one thing in common... neither of them are or were Liberals. Turdo Sr. was a radicalized, entitled, tribalist revolutionary that would have been more at home in the Communist Party, or at the very least, the NDP. Trudeaus kid would also be better off in the NDP and stop pretending to be a Liberal. Nobody would even know who the little Turdo was if he didn't inherit his grotesque Fathers name. Time for the little turdo to do what he does best and go back to being a substitute grade 8 drama teacher, while Canadians try and break off the shackles and the imposed radical ideology of Turdo Sr's vandalization of Canada. I look forward to Senator Brazreau beating Trudeau Jr. into a bloody pulp.

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