Friday, March 16, 2012

leftist violence on Montreal

Every year in Quebec there is a march against police violence by leftists. Every year except for one the protesters break windows , loot and cause mayhem in downtown Montreal. There has been tens of thousands in damage. These protesters are thugs and need to feel the full weight of the law. They have utterly discredited themselves. More than 200 arrests in Montreal riot By QMI Agency Montreal protest turns violent MONTREAL — The city's so-called "anti police brutality protest" once again ended with hooligans attacking police officers and ordinary citizens while ransacking downtown stores. Police arrested more than 200 people after a dozen police officers were injured and cruisers were overturned following the 16th annual protest on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

The title of this post is misleading; it is unfortunate that you use a riot to smear leftists and score points. This violence in no way represents leftism, just as police brutality does not represent justice.

Pissedoff said...

Nonymouse get real, it is exactly what leftys do when the cannot win an argument. It also shows their hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Leftists get what they want from politicians by violence, they shouldn't, the police should beat them mercilessly, but until that happens they'll get what they want.

It is unfortunate that the average person on the right only wants government to get out of the way and stop stealing their money through high taxes - that's hardly a demand that politicians can write a cheque for even if they wanted to, the state is just too large to allow it.

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