Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The laughable daniel veniez

I had to giggle as I read daniel veniez latest self righteous puff piece. The latest Tory truth ad has irked this grit minion. I guess he forgets the same tactics being used against the Tories by his grit masters. Iffy hasn't forgotten. Perhaps danny should have a long chat with the great grit mud thrower catsmeat. I remind danny that support for the Tories is still at 37% inspire of his and his party's hypocrisy. So his comments are an insult to Tory voters. I hope the grits continue to just whine. People remember the libranos and adscam, a true subversion of democracies. Money in paper bags in Quebec( to fund elections) is the grit way. There is truth in the ad and the people of Canada need to reminded of the horrors of rae's Ontario. WE all need to remember that it is pretty funny to hear libranos calling out anyone else.

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Sue said...

I looked and looked before finally finding a way to contact iPolitics (What did we miss? tiny comment box) for this Dan Veniez Harper is Ghadaffi slash piece. The Veniez piece allowed no comments.

In the past election he lost handily to our guy John Weston but Veniez was given pulpits in our local lefty rag as well as the online lefty Vancouver Observer, many many times. IPolitics has also been a facilitator. His VO articles allowed comments and he got hammered mercilessly for his flaccid Liberal worship of Ignatieff.

Veniez reputedly can still be heard wandering around Vancouver's tony west side where he lives, muttering, "Tanks fer comin to me town hall Mr. Iggy and tanks for the 14 people who also showed up. Let's do it agin sumtime".

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