Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Like Danielle a Lot!

Danielle Smith should be premier of Alberta. Shek is smart, affable nd actually Conservative! I thought the Wild Rose Alliancpe would need a two election to displace the far less conservative progressive conservatives, but give recent polls that may not be true. I hope for a WRA majority government in the next election!!! In the battle so far between Alberta’s two political leading ladies, it’s Danielle Smith over Alison Redford by a nose. A QMI/Sun News-Abacus Data poll shows The Wildrose Party leader is considered most likeable by 31% of those polled, over Tory Premier Alison Redford at 29%. And Smith was the only leader to post a positive favourability balance — in her case 8%, while Redford chalked up a -2, Grit and NDP chiefs Raj Sherman and Brian Mason respectfully managed a -5. That’s despite, or maybe because of, a seat-less Smith’s absence from the legislature, said Abacus CEO Dr. David Coletto. “She’s in a unique position ... you can say there’s a lot of potential to grow,” he said. The only truly well-known leader is the NDP’s Brian Mason, which gives plenty of room for fluctuation for the others, added Coletto.


Anonymous said...

I like Danielle also. She’s not Conservative tho! Not in my opinion! She’s defiantly a Canadian conservative, just like Stephan Harper! You know one of the “middle of the road deals”. See there’s a big difference:

Ms. Smith believes in abortion, publicly funded abortion suggesting that she also approves of selective abortion! There’s also the issue of Bill Harvey the life long socialist left wing liberal which Danielle allowed into her so called Conservative party.

This Bill Harvey incident would be the same as if PM Harper (who is also pro-choice) allowed Warren Kinsella into the Conservative party. As critical as I am of Harper I know he would never allow something like that, even if Kinsella held a seat in the house.

Anonymous said...

Its just the Wildrose Party now; the alliance bit was dropped a while ago...

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