Monday, March 12, 2012

Grit robocalls...

In Guelph broke the law. Apparently when grits break the law it is only a slight misunderstanding. The calls were not identified and the caller misidentified herself apparently. The rallies yesterday seemed to be pretty scantily attended lesS than 100 in Montreal, the usual radicals in Toronto and a tiny rally on parliament. The numbers seem so small the press didn't even report on many of the rallies. This was a lead now effort , as has been much of this. OTTAWA — Revelations about Liberal robocalls attacking an opponent over abortion are giving the Conservatives a new line of defence against allegations of vote suppression and further muddying the events leading up to the federal election in Guelph, Ont., 10 months ago. As the House of Commons returns to work Monday, the Tories are expected to deflect attacks about the robocalls scandal by shifting focus to calls sent out by a Liberal candidate's campaign two days before the election.


Anonymous said...

Let's see. One broke a rule by not identifying themselves properly, and the other, engage in not only impersonating elections canada, but engaged in misleading voters in order to suppress their vote, which is criminal.

See if you can spot the difference.

No one is suggesting the liberal should get away with breaking a rule, but don't try and equate the two.

Calgary Junkie said...

Well annony, the "one"--Lori/Laurie Macdonald/Mcdonald--was an LPC operative/sympathizer.

The "other"--Pierre Poutine--nobody knows his/her associations,if any, just yet.

See if you can spot the difference.

Anonymous said...

One broke the election rules section 320 and was quiet about doing robocalls while blaming others. Also, if this one wasn't hiding something, why use a phoney phone number to boot? Why say EC approved it, when the newspapers say EC wouldn't confirm this statement but also added that EC said this is illegal. Also to use a fake name(Lori McDonald) is also illegal.

The other hasn't been proven who did it YET....
maybe when Pierre Poutine comes forward to fess up, we will have answers.
If its a Liberal or NDP it will not be reported like Frank V was not reported on Global or CBC all weekend.Nothing in the reporters columns today either about the Liberal robocalls. No reports about the NDP robocalling into Quebec when the NDP woman crossed over to the Liberals.Media "suppression" is what this is all about..lies and half truths and most noteable what is MISSING in their biased hang him high reports with conclusions with not a shread of evidence against the Conservative party.Now thats facts.

Ontario Girl

bertie said...

Yes anon,Nothing has been pinned to the Conservatives yet.But,the Liberals are involved in everything that is reported.Just by lying about Conservatives being involved does not make it so.So go back to your snake pit and make some more anti Conservative venom because the last batch sure didn,t work.We sorta liked it, but maybe you should try a truth serum next time & test it on yourself before opening your BIG mouth.

Anonymous said...

wow, that certainly got the lot of you spewing venom pretty quickly.

I suppose watching your party of choice spewing fabricated talking points (starting with it was that 23 year old's fault!!!) is making you all just a little uncomfortable. Or, you simply believe everything your party tells you.

The liberals did use robocalls, and apparently did break a few rules, they should be punished for it. But so far, we haven't seen anything that involved CRIMINAL acts.

That's the difference none of you blind party supporters can fathom. None of you are any better than the liberal supporters that lept to their defences when adscam reared it's ugly head. Oh but it's the conSERVatives. I forgot. Open, honest, and accountable. lol...

I'm afraid watching the conservatives spew these lies is causing them to lose a lot of credibility. Why not simply fess up to the truth, and if they are innocent, it'll come out in the wash. One has to ask, why the smoke screens?

If you take solace in the fact that the polls show there hasn't been much of a dent yet in tory support, just remember that neither did the liberals see a dent until later in the adscam debacle.

I Support Lord Black